Trying to Make “Sense” of Sleep? This Little Ball Has it All


We came across something interesting and we thought we’d share it with our readers, who are always asking us what’s new in the world of sleep and sleep aids.

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A Ball for Sleep? “Sense” Improves Your Snooze, Execs Say

A little sensor (only the size of a tennis ball) may help you get better sleep, one business entrepreneur claims.

The product, called “Sense,” uses your smartphone and connects to your home’s technology and was introduced by Hello store founder James Proud, who says, “[Sense is] your alarm clock.”

But it’s also “…meditative sounds to help you fall asleep,” such as falling rain or white noise.

What’s even better? Sense tracks your sleep, Proud says.

When conditions fall outside the ideal – for instance, if it’s too warm in your bedroom – Sense communicates with your home’s mechanics (in this case, the thermostat) to return things to prime sleep condition.

Sensors for Great Sleep

What makes this possible is a state-of-the-art network of sensors that track humidity, temperature, light and sound.

Sense begins tracking conditions to improve your sleep as soon as your head hits the pillow, Proud told Squawk Box in an interview.

Proud told interviewers that the premise is to prevent sleep problems, rather than dealing with issues after they’re at the point of interfering with one’s quality of life.

Sleep Monitoring With Technology

Sense also monitors your sleep cycles and sleep events, according to the website.

In the morning, a report is available on your phone to alert you to possible issues and show you what went well (and what went not so swimmingly) the night before so you know about issues before they get bigger.

Sense currently retails at $149.

Try Out the Sounds!

Now here’s something REALLY cool: you can listen to the ambient sounds on the company’s site. Scroll down to the bottom of the page (“Sleep Sounds”) and arrow down on Play Now. (We loved Autumn Wind!)

Do You Need It?

From all appearances, Sense works very similarly to sleep apps which are already available on smartphones.

However, with its ability to communicate with and automatically alter your home’s temperature and other factors, Sense may be the next step in sleep monitoring that could help people experiencing issues with their sleep.

It also doubles as an alarm clock that wakens you gradually to bring you to the correct pre-wake levels beforehand so you don’t feel as groggy, the website claims.

Considering buying Sense? Already tried it? Let us know your experiences! Leave a comment below.