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Sleep And Wages: Part Two

  This past summer, we reported on a study showing truck drivers diagnosed with OSA who were compliant with their treatment saved employers big money. Now another paper reveals that extra sleep could translate into more wages. The study is called “Time Use and the Labor Market: The Wage Returns to Sleep” and suggests that per the authors’ […]

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Pregnancy and Snoring

Snoring can be addressed in a variety of different ways. But what happens when your snoring begins in (or gets worse during) pregnancy? Here’s what you need to know.         When Snoring Begins During Pregancy If you’ve never snored before, it might surprise you when you awaken to a not-as-gentle-as-you’d-like nudge in […]

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Essential Oils and Snoring

  When it comes to snoring, most people take a very “Western” (medical/scientific) approach. We try to monitor our own snoring to see if it’s a problem (apps can help with this; so can an annoyed, elbowing partner). Then we visit the doctor, perhaps request a sleep study and ask what we can do to help alleviate the […]

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Less Sleep May Mean More Weight for Men

Men and women differ on a number of biological points. All other things being equal (and they are), there’s no question that certain health issues affect men and women differently. This time, sorry, men: you may have been singled out to be negatively impacted by too little sleep – at least as far as weight […]

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Snoring Apps: Redux

In April we talked a bit about snoring apps, and the response has been amazing! Snorers (or just people who want to improve the quality of their sleep) have been contacting us regarding their own favorite sleep apps and what they love so much about them. In that spirit, here’s our redux, with three MORE great apps […]

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The Link Between Snoring and Obesity

Here’s a new twist on an old adage – which came first, the weight or the snoring? Science is uncovering fascinating new information about the link between snoring and overweight. And it’s not all what you might think. Here are great ways to get your snoring AND your weight under control – and wake up […]

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Anatomy of a CPAP

man using cpap machine

The doctor has just given you the news: due to snoring perhaps accompanied by obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), she’s giving you a prescription for a CPAP device. Your heart sinks. You get an immediate visual of a giant 1940s airplaine pilot oxygen mask making suck-pump-suck-pump Darth Vader-esque sounds and crunching into the sides of your […]

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Snoring? There’s An App For That

Tracking your sleep health is easier than ever with apps galore. For those not yet on the apps train as regards health, get informed and get some great apps to help you sleep better than ever before. Here are three awesome sleep/snoring apps that users are raving about as the next big thing in sleep […]

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Can Hypnosis Help You Get a Better Night’s Sleep?

  You are getting sleepy. Very sleepy. In fact, you’re falling into a deep, restful sleep with appropriate REM cycling – and no snoring. Truth or myth? Actually, more experts are looking into – and in some cases, actively supporting – hypnotherapy for a better night’s sleep, and even for an end to snoring problems. […]

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