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Brits: Asda Now Sells Pineapple Plants to Stop Your Snoring

Natural treatments are always of interest to the snoring community, who continues to seek out gentler ways to combat this potentially serious issue. With that in mind, UK grocery chain Asda is selling pineapple plants based on, it says, NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)-backed studies reporting that the plant could help combat snoring. Frustratingly, […]

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Talking to Your Doctor About Snoring

It isn’t easy to admit you’re a snorer. And it can be surprisingly tough to open up to a physician, even if you have a great relationship with him or her. Why? Because snoring is an embarrassing problem many don’t want to own up to. The truth is, speaking HONESTLY with your doctor is key […]

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6 Exercises for Snoring

People snore for all sorts of different reasons. These can include genetics, gender (males snore more than females), age (the older you are, the more likely you are to snore), certain health conditions, mouth or throat polyps/obstructions, sleep position and body fat percentage, among other possibilities. For those who experience overly-lax muscles during sleep (some […]

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Could a Humidifier Help Your Snoring Problem?

It sounds simple – maybe too simple. But it’s a fact: for a percentage of snorers, a humidifier may just be the ticket to a better night’s rest. Here’s what you need to know. Is Your Bedroom Too Dry? We’ve touched before on various ways you can make your sleeping area more productive to a […]

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Is Your Medication Making You Snore?

Snoring can have so many causes. We’ve covered quite a few in our Articles section, from sleep position to chronic conditions to electronics, dust or dryness in the bedroom. We’ve even mentioned that some sleep-inducing medications may boomerang over time to make sleep worse, not better. But can some medicines actually make you snore (or […]

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5 Bedtime Snacks That WON’T Disturb Your Sleep

Sometimes, despite careful planning and three healthy meals (plus perhaps a snack or two), we get the munchies just before bedtime. It happens to everyone. Some people can fall asleep on a rumbling tummy, waiting the hunger out until morning. But others find they simply can’t nod off when they’re starving. So it’s a mad […]

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