“Grades” of Snoring

So, you snore a little at night. It’s not THAT bad. …is it? If you’re having trouble deciding whether or not your snoring is something to worry about (our recommendation: see [...]

Top 10 Snoring Myths

If you think you know everything there is to know about snoring, think again. Conventional wisdom has led to some odd beliefs regarding snoring. Test your snoring knowledge with the following. 1. [...]

Yes, Virginia…Real Women Do Snore

  The old adage (and constant meme) is of the snoring husband and plagued wife. Generally, the image is of the man with his mouth wide open and eyes blissfully shut; the woman is sitting up [...]

How Little Sleep Do You Need?

On any snoring and sleep-related site (like this one), you’ll find plenty of information on how Western society chronically gets too little sleep. But here’s an interesting [...]

Is Napping GOOD For You?

    You’ve heard it a dozen times (or more): if you’re having trouble sleeping at night, DON’T NAP. The idea is that if you nap during the day, you’ll have even [...]

My Pet Snores. Should I Worry?

When Crouton began snoring, my wife and I thought it was so adorable, we actually taped it. But as time went by, I began to wonder. (I say “I” because let’s face facts: the [...]

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