In the News: the Beddit Sleep Monitor



“All you need to do is sleep.”

So promise the makers of Beddit, a new sleep monitor that requires “nothing to wear and nothing to remember every day,” a perhaps welcome change for those suffering from sleep issues and using cumbersome monitors.

The Beddit monitor has been designed to “keep your bedroom zen,” marketers say.

What’s So Different About Beddit?


Sleep monitors have been on the market for years and include everything down to easy phone apps.

So what’s so different about the Beddit monitor?

According to the website:

  1. The monitor is placed underneath the bed sheet; there’s nothing to wear.
  2. Automatic and, according to the manufacturer, accurate monitoring occurs during sleep.
  3. At only 1.5mm in width, the monitor can barely be felt, if at all, giving what Beddit promises is a stress-free, comfortable sleep while monitoring.
  4. USB adapter means there’s nothing to charge.
  5. The monitor detects the sound of your snoring so you know whether, and how much, you snore.
  6. A temperature and humidity optimize the sleep environment for ultimate comfort.
  7. A “smart” alarm clock means waking up refreshed and on time.
  8. Bluetooth smart data transfer makes the data even easier to track and store.

In the morning a Sleep Summary gives the sleeper all the information s/he needs including time to fall asleep, amount of restless sleep, total minutes of snoring and total minutes of wake and sleep periods.

What Can You Do With The Results?

As with any sleep monitoring system (including simply keeping a pad or your phone next to your bed and recording each time you wake up snoring), results should not take the place of a doctor’s advice. Instead, take your results to your physician so she can analyze them and give feedback and a routine for you to follow.

Is it Expensive?

The best system in the world isn’t very useful if you just plain can’t afford it. Beddit appears to be a mid-range price point, currently listed at $149 (USD).

The company does ship to a variety of countries. Check for any shipping charges.


What People Are Saying

We at have not tried Beddit. We can not take an official stance on whether or not the product appears to work. The purpose of this article is to introduce a new product for our readers’ consideration, among other methods.

On, Beddit so far has received an average of 3.1 out of 5 stars based on 149 reviews.

Pros include (but are not limited to) lots of gadgets for tech lovers, easy setup, data accuracy, automatic incorporation of sleep information, immediate results upon awakening, and physical/environmental comfort.

Cons include (but are not limited to) a visually intrusive red bar when linked to one’s smartphone, a somewhat unwieldy adhesive system to keep the monitor in place in the bedding, the necessity of setting up an account and for some users, error messages.

Stock issues may also be a problem; as of this writing, the product was in stock, but the manufacturer promised to have more available in the near future.

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