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Do You Sleep Like an American? Phone App Tracks Sleep by Nation

“I never get enough sleep.” You’ll hear it routinely – particularly among members of certain countries, including the U.S. Indeed, studies support that certain populations are chronically sleep-deprived. Meanwhile, other data support that different people need different amounts of sleep and that sleep needs change over the course of one’s lifetime. But this fascinating study […]

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Study Suggests Snoring May Worsen Some Conditions

There’s yet another reason to take care of that snoring issue now: a new study appears to show a worsening of various medical conditions – even cancer – when regular snoring is present. The study, presented at the Annual Congress of the European Association of Urology in Munich, involved animals, but may have significant parallels […]

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Catch-Up Sleep May Fix Flagging Metabolism

We’ve long been told that missed sleep will sending us on a downward health spiral – and that once they’re underway, sleep deprivation-related issues can be very tough to fix. But new research is refuting that fact, at least when it comes to metabolism. According to a study published by Josiane Broussard, PhD, University of Colorado Boulder and a […]

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New Wireless Device May Be a “Sound” Answer to Snoring

An old-fashioned method of snoring cessation may have just gotten a 21st century update: according to, a new wireless device “nudges” snorers when snoring sounds are detected. The device, dubbed “Smart Nora,” detects snoring and wirelessly activates a mini-pump placed under the pillow of the snorer. In response to the pump’s activation, the pillow shifts slightly […]

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Sleep Apnea Patients May See Depression Improvement With CPAP

Great news for those struggling with both obstructive sleep apnea and depression: a new study shows that OSA-linked depression may be decreased in some sufferers with the consistent use of a CPAP machine. The link between sleep issues and depression has long been known. But the recent study, conducted by the University of Western Australia, showed […]

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Warning! Snoring Linked to Diabetes in Older Adults

A article has revealed that snoring and sleep apnea has been linked to an increased likelihood of diabetes in  older adults. According to the news piece, seniors who suffer from sleep apnea may have up to twice the risk of developing diabetes as non-snorers. The 10-year study comprised nearly 6000 U.S. adults who were […]

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Cloud9 Device FDA-Cleared for 2016 Release

The Cloud9 anti-snoring device, marketed by InSleep Health as an apparatus for non-apnea snorers, has been cleared by the FDA and will be available in 2016, according to reports. Cloud9 utilizes a technology similar to CPAP devices but is said to be smaller and more comfortable. CPAP apparatus is not generally well-tolerated for non-sleep apnea […]

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