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Need Help With Your Snoring? Grab Your Didgeridoo

AND THE WINNER IS: the…what? Australian culture appreciators will be gratified to hear the news that the didgeridoo – an indigenous instrument played by musicians for more than 1500 years  – can help prevent snoring. At least that was the conclusion of the panel dedicated to bestowing the lighthearted Ig Nobel award. Panelists collected at […]

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In the News: the Beddit Sleep Monitor

  “All you need to do is sleep.” So promise the makers of Beddit, a new sleep monitor that requires “nothing to wear and nothing to remember every day,” a perhaps welcome change for those suffering from sleep issues and using cumbersome monitors. The Beddit monitor has been designed to “keep your bedroom zen,” marketers […]

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DON’T Pop a Pill for Insomnia, Study Says

The American College of Physicians has issued new guidelines for managing chronic insomnia, among them: DON’T pop pills to get to sleep! According to the new recommendations, cognitive behavioral therapy should come first in attempting to manage insomnia, with drugs left as a last resort. According to doctors at the organization, medications can include side […]

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CPAP Could Offer Depression Help

Depressed? There could be many reasons – but a study reported by ABC News claims your depression could be linked to sleep issues. Members of the study experienced a decrease in depression symptoms and some were even able to cease using antidepressants following CPAP therapy for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The study offers one exciting new […]

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How Annoying is Snoring? Find Out With THIS Poll

Sure, it’s elbow-in-the-side-worthy at times. But can snoring really be all THAT annoying to a helpless listener? Yes, according to this British study, which ranked snoring a surprising No. 1 among a list of aggravating sounds – higher than cell phone keypads, dripping faucets or even ratcheting power drill. A staggering six in ten adults complained […]

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How NOT Snoring Saves Employers Money

    Looking to save your business some cash? Make sure your employees are getting their beauty rest. A groundbreaking study showed that truck drivers diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) who were compliant with treatment were less likely to be involved in preventable truck crashes, which can cost employers cash in lost work time, insurance […]

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“Snoring Rooms” the Latest Rage in the UK

It’s not a new idea so much as a new-again idea: separate rooms for mates are taking off in the UK, at least among the well-to-do. So-called “snoring rooms” are being requested more and are included in architectural home designs for a number of well-off Brits, according to this article. The term is a bit […]

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Surprise: THIS is Your Best Day of the Week for Sleep

You’d think weekends, with (for most of us) more fun and far less pressure than during the busy week, would deliver our best and most restorative sleep. After all, given an average Monday through Friday work or school week, there’s less stress on the weekends. And many of us have the choice to sleep in a bit later […]

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Study Says Singing May Help Curb Snoring

A Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust (UK) study says regular singing may help reduce snoring and improve sleep in some obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) patients. Given a set of singing exercises, more people of the total group of 127 participants reported decreased snoring and less daytime sleepiness than the people who did not perform […]

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