Good Morning Snore Solution Review

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The Good Morning Snore Solution is quite different from all the other anti-snoring mouthpiece devices out on the market. It actually looks a little silly, in my opinion – almost like a reverse soother.

But then, if you know how well babies sleep with a soother, you’re willing to try anything to stop your snoring!

So, is big question is, does it work? … YES … and maybe. I’ll explain in a minute. First, though, why the strange design?

What is the Good Morning Snore Solution Mouthpiece?

place the good morning sleep solution device in your mouthMost other mouthpieces work by pushing your jaw forward to open your airways. The one problem with these is that they don’t always prevent your tongue from collapsing, causing you to snore anyway.

The Good Morning Snore Solution by MPowRX works differently in that it anchors your tongue as well, pulling it forward so it doesn’t constrict your airway. The device itself is thin and flexible, made from a medical-grade BPA-free resin, so it will feel comfortable for most mouth sizes with no custom fitting.

You place the device in your mouth, with the bulb part out. Stick your tongue into the bulb, and squeeze the air out. It almost feels like a suction, and there’s an actual pop as it encloses around the tip of your tongue, keeping it in place before you go to bed.


It’s one of the most recent anti-snoring mouthpieces launched in the US, but it’s been around for some time in the UK and Canada. The product was invented by Dr. Leslie Dort, a dentist and sleep researcher, from Canada. It has gone through clinical tests, including a randomized controlled study, and has been found to be very effective.

In a study conducted in Canada, 32 people with chronic snoring were allowed to use this device in their sleep for one week and the researchers kept track of how often the subjects woke. More than one-third of the subjects woke only half the number of times as compared with other nights when they did not use the device. The researchers also reported that there was an approximate 40 percent decrease in the number of times the subjects snored during the night. A  majority of the users expressed their willingness to keep using GMSS regularly.

This study, published in the May 2008 issue of the Journal of Sleep and Breathing indicates that Good Morning Snore Solution is an effective anti-snoring device.

The Good Morning Snore Solution has the approval of Health Canada as a Class I medical device for snoring and mild sleep apnea. The FDA in the United States has cleared it as a prescription device for snoring. It also has the approval of the European Commission as well as the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia.

Is it Right for You?

Many people snore, but not all snore because of the same reason. Considering the credentials of Good Morning Snore Solution, I’d like to say it’s the best solution for anyone who snores, but that would not be the entire truth.

If you snore because of a nasal allergy or sinus infection, GMSS will not help; you need to get rid of the congestion by using a nasal decongestant or using a neti pot to flush out the congestion. If you snore because your jaw hangs open in your sleep, GMSS is not the right device for you – you need an anti-snoring device that works to retain the jaw in position. But if you snore because your tongue falls back and blocks the passage of air through the airways, go ahead and buy Good Morning Snore Solution because it is possibly one of the best devices for your condition.

What’s the Feedback?

Going by what users say, GMSS appears to be an effective and popular anti-snoring device. Most users complain of the discomfort of having the tongue in place all night … some users also experienced numbness in the tongue due. However, once they got used to it after a few nights, the feeling of discomfort diminished.

Dr. Stephan Hrach of Calgary Dental says that patients report they are satisfied with the way GMSS has helped them cope with snoring.

A Word of Caution

Although there may be some initial discomfort until your mouth gets used to having this device, it tends to gradually clear up with time. However, if you have bruxism and are already using some other dental device, speak to your dentist before you use Good Morning Snore Solution.

Also, if you suffer from nasal congestion, you need to treat that before you use this device, because the GMSS blocks your mouth, and this could lead to insufficient oxygen reaching your lungs.

Finally, like most snoring devices, returns can be a hassle, as manufacturers will have to dispose of any used items returned. This means there will likely be disposal and shipping fees. Some customers have had hassles returning the product, though all have received refunds, minus shipping fees. The device is also sold from a Canadian address, so be aware of international shipping.

mpowrx gnss3 Reasons I Recommend Good Morning Snore Solution

Here’s why I think GMSS is a good option:

  • It has been clinically proven to act through actual research study and this means it is a credible device, not an empty boast.
  • Feedback about the device is positive. However, everybody is different. If you find it does not work for you, there is nothing to lose – all you need to do is return the device within the specified 30-day limit and you can have your money refunded.
  • It has been approved by almost all the major drug regulatory bodies across the world – a difficult feat to achieve unless the product is really effective and safe.

Try the Good Morning Snore Solution risk-free, direct from their website

  • Robert says:

    Actually, Good Morning Snore Solution’s 30 day no risk money back guarantee is very Tricky!! Listen very carefully before you made your purchase from them. They WILL NOT refund you the Shipping and Handling charges(about 20 dollars) and also you are responsible to ship it back to Canada for your own cost(that’s another 20 dollars, they shipped it to you from USA but asked you to ship it back to them to Canada so you might change your mind to keep it due to the expensive international shipping) only if this product is absolutely work for you, or you will be responsible the risk of 40 dollars for just trying it.

  • Rod says:

    I have been suffering with sleep deprivation for a while now and have been looking for a solution for my interrupted sleeping pattern. I do believe I may have mild to moderate sleep apnea. 3 weeks ago I ordered a MAD mouthpiece and have worn it for 2 weeks. It seemed to help, and I was use to it but the TMJ and tooth and gum discomfort was not worth it. Last week I ordered the GMSS and I used it last night for the first time. When I opened the package I immediately tried it on for 10-15 minutes every hour before the real bedtime test. By bedtime I felt as if I was adjusted and ready to wear it. I do believe it worked because I felt better rested and I do believe I may have even fallen asleep on my back(first time in years)without waking up gasping for air. My tongue was sore for about a 1/2 hour and went away. I will post another review after a week of wearing it. SO far so good I think.

    • admin says:

      Yes, this is the device I use, and my tongue is a bit sore in the morning … some water and a coffee helps. Small price to pay for a good night’s sleep!

  • Tim says:

    Wanted to leave a comment regarding the Good morning solution.

    I’ve been using this product on and off for about 3 months. I say on and off because of mouth pain that I’ve experienced using this product. The mouth pain is because of the way I sleep. If you are a person who sleeps on their side, or, like me, 3/4 on there stomach, this might not be the best solution. Because of my sleep position, the pillow usually presses up against my face and against the edges of the device. This causes it to dig into my gums and cause pain. I’ve changed pillows and still wind up with the same problem. The rare time I sleep on my back, it works perfectly.

    Again, not saying this product is bad, it does work, but how you sleep will definitely impact its success.

    • admin says:

      Thanks, Tim! Yes, unlike custom dental appliances, where the dentist actually creates a mold of your teeth and jaws, consumer devices like GMSS do have those drawbacks. I myself tried two others before I found that this one worked best for me.

      • Joe says:

        I’m very interested in this product. I wear a MAD but because if partial front dentures I find it damaging to my front teeth. Can I ask is there a danger of biting you tongue with your front teeth. When I imagine my tounge held forward between my teeth like that I’m afraid of biting. What’s your experience??

        • admin says:

          I’ve never had a problem biting my tongue, because the resin is quite thick. The biggest problem is that you do have a sore tongue in the morning.

  • Mark says:

    Can this be used in combination with a jaw-forward brace that locks onto teeth?

  • Sandy C. says:

    Hello. Is the GMSS appropriate for someone who snores due to sleep apnea? My dad has never gotten used to the CPAP machine and I figured, if the GMSS is safe, than it is better than having no treatment at all. I see lots of references to snoring but not to apnea. Does this device have a contraindication regarding obstructive sleep apnea?

  • Devin says:

    I’ve used this for almost two years. My wife says I snore much less. She insists that I use it.
    My tongue does not stay in the slot. I think it works because it forces me to breathe through my nose rather than my mouth. I think it could be re-designed without the tongue holder and work just as well for me.
    If I do inadvertently try to breathe through my mouth, the device sucks up to my teeth, which is kind of annoying.
    Oftentimes the device falls out of my mouth while I am sleeping.
    Recently a hole developed at the tip of the tongue holder. Now my wife says it doesn’t work as well, which is why I am ordering a new one. Too bad, because with the hole the device does not suck up to my teeth any more.

    • Chris says:

      Glad it works, but yes, they are uncomfortable. This device needs to pull on your tongue so it doesn’t fall back when you relax while sleeping. When your tongue does fall back, it constricts your airways, which causes the snoring noises.

  • Steve K. says:

    Unfortunately, no matter what I tried the GMSS would lose suction on my tongue as I slept even though the mouthpiece remained in place. Buyers: beware their hidden costs; they charge almost $20 to ship from the USA, and then force you to pay international shipping for returns back to Canada. They must experience this a lot as when I requested an RMA, the tried to encourage me to take $50 less than I paid for it to “save me the hassle” of returning it.

    • Chris says:

      The problem is that they can’t sell it again, as it is a medical device, and has to be disposed of. I had the same problem with a different device, so as a blogger and user I make sure to check the pros and cons. Thanks for letting us know!

  • Cathy says:

    I have been using this device for over a year and really can’t say enough about it. My sleeping has improved due to the fact that my snoring does not wake me up every 5 seconds. My issue is that in the last 4 months I have been waking with a “burning” tongue. It has that sensation that you have burned it on something. It is uncomfortable, feels odd and changes the taste of food. It is bad some days and barely noticable on others, but always there. My mouth and throat are dry from this device. Anyone else had this problem? (no new medications).

  • Lori says:

    I dunno my boyfriend says I still snore at night. So I don’t know if it works or not or if I still snore but its milder, he really doesn’t say.

    I’ve tried so many different devices online and can’t seem to find one that stops the snoring. I had a dental one which worked but I can’t afford 1500 dollars out of pocket way too expensive.

    • Christian says:

      Have you had a sleep study to determine how much and how deeply you’re snoring, and whether you’re breathing adequately/getting in enough oxygen at night?

      It’s hard to determine subjectively (i.e. your boyfriend thinking you may be snoring more, or less).

  • Rosemary says:

    I have seen an ENT doctor who said that my tongue has gotten thicker and falls back in my throat as I’ve gotten older. He suggested a CPAP, but I wanted to try other options. I have been using the GMSS for over 2 weeks now. According to the Snore Lab app on my phone, my snoring has subsided – when my tongue is actually retained. The problem here is that my tongue becomes unsuctioned during the night. So, even if the device is still in my mouth, my tongue is no longer suctioned and my snoring starts. Also, since I’ve been using GMSS, I’ve discovered that I have these bony protrusions in my gumline above my canines that have become inflamed and are very painful. So painful, in fact, that it bothers me when I eat. Everyone is different and I don’t know if everyone has these protrusions in the gumline. There are times during the night where I’ve pushed the device out of my mouth and it has ended up under my neck. The frenula under my tongue is also sore, and I’m still trying to figure that one out.
    I continued to use the device because I wanted to see if I would get used to it, but I don’t think it should be this painful. I’ve stopped using it and requested a refund. I bought the Family pack of 2 which was 129.94, 9.95 shipping, 10 handling. 149.89 total. At the time, I thought, what a deal. This device will work for me! The company MPowRx Health and Wellness took into account the hassle of international return and offered to refund me $80 without returning the product. I am out of pocket almost 70.
    Anyway, that is my experience with GMSS. As far as my snoring, I’ve tried Zypah as well, and it seems my tongue just doesn’t want to be retained. My DH has not been complaining, either because he’s tolerating my snoring, or he’s just a really really nice guy. I am so obsessed with finding a solution. I’ve tried throat sprays, nasal cannulas, nasal strips, chin strap to keep my mouth closed, sleeping on my side. My last resort would be a CPAP which I’m not looking forward to doing.

    • Christian says:

      Thanks for your experiences, Rosemary! I’m glad you got a (partial) refund. If possible, see if your bed mate can stay awake and monitor your breathing. Sleep apnea would be snoring, then suddenly not breathing for a few seconds, followed by gasps of air. The result is waking up, then falling quickly back asleep. If you wake up groggy a lot, that could be the reason.

      Another person to consult is your dentist. They can customize a snoring appliance for you … however, make sure you are insured, as these can cost over a thousand dollars.

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