A Bed That Knows You’re Snoring? Yes…and it Corrects the Issue, Too


Does your bed warm your lower half – and know exactly when to do it in preparation for your regular bedtime? Does it provide support for pressure points with space-age technology? How about your snoring – does it detect that…and even potentially fix the issue?

The Sleep Number 360 does, at least according to marketers of the item. A step up from the It Bed and due out this year, the Sleep Number 360 performs better than perhaps any bed to date, at least according to claims.

“The bed reborn,” according to its advertisements, some of the new bed’s amazing tricks include:

  • heats the lower quadrant prior to bedtime, giving a relaxing “hot water bottle at the foot of the bed” effect
  • adjustable firmness
  • an app that lets you track sleep patterns
  • a sensor to detect when you’ve begun snoring, that automatically raises the head of the bed when you do
  • inflatable/deflatable air chambers for best support of the body and its pressure points, and automatic firmness adjustment in response to your movements
  • detection of patterns, such as waking to use the restroom, and gentle illumination in preparation so you can see where you’re going
  • Fitbit integratability

Pricing for the bed has not yet been made available. The It Bed queen mattress retails at $1099. Watch the information video here. Also see this fun and upbeat mini-review. Reviews on various Sleep Number beds can be accessed here.

Founded in 1987, Select Comfort markets the Sleep Number brand of beds and bedding as its top brand and currently holds or has applied for 23 patents, including the new bed.