How Annoying is Snoring? Find Out With THIS Poll

Even power drills were considered less offensive than snoring in a surprising poll.

Power drills were considered less disturbing than snoring in a British poll.

Sure, it’s elbow-in-the-side-worthy at times. But can snoring really be all THAT annoying to a helpless listener?

Yes, according to this British study, which ranked snoring a surprising No. 1 among a list of aggravating sounds – higher than cell phone keypads, dripping faucets or even ratcheting power drill.

A staggering six in ten adults complained of snoring in a partner and gave the jarring sound top billing when it came to annoying sounds.


Top Spot

Snoring beat out 49 other contenders, beating even these apparently grating noises (we selected them as examples):

  • Fingers down a chalkboard
  • Loud slurping
  • Car alarms and road drills
  • Dental drills
  • Keypad sounds
  • Children playing outdoors early in the morning
  • Loud kissing
  • Certain songs, including “Gangnam Style”

What’s So Annoying About Snoring?

Anyone who has struggled with a snoring partner (or has been woken by his or her snoring) knows how aggravating the condition can be.

But more aggravating than a power drill? (Or for that matter, a car alarm…or a pop song?) Why is it that snoring rattles us so?

It is likely a combination of three factors: the jarring nature, the physical rumbling, and our natural tendency to fear when someone sounds as if he or she is out of breath or struggling for air.

While certain repetitive noises can become background, or even may feel soothing, snoring is a more jarring sound that jerks us from falling asleep to full wakefulness, sometimes many times per night (or even per hour).

Meanwhile, the rumbling jars us awake again and again, v., for example, the steady uninterrupted rumble of riding in a car.

Worst of all to any loving partner is the instinctive alarms that go off when we fear our loved one is struggling for air, as with the snorts, gasps and breathing-stops often associated with snoring.

Don’t Lose Sleep Over It

Can’t get your (or your partner’s) snoring under control? Start here to find out more about snoring and uncover solutions to the snoring that’s interrupting your happy home.

Meanwhile, see your doctor for a full physical if you haven’t had one in 12 months, and ask her what tests she advises to assess the extent of your snoring issue.

Is it Dangerous?

The severity of your snoring must be assessed by a doctor. It could be obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), or it might be an issue you can deal with utilizing a device such as a chin strap, and/or with lifestyle changes.

Do your homework to find out what’s getting in the way of your partner’s (and your) rest so all your nights can be peaceful – to both of you.

Good luck and good (quiet) rest!