About Us

Hello, and thanks for visiting Stop Snoring RX.com. My name is Chris, and my wife has suffered for years from my snoring. My kids thought a monster replaced Daddy at night! I’ve tried a variety of mouthpieces to help my snoring. Currently, the most effective one for me is the Good Morning Snore Solution, but you may find that a different one helps you better.

Snoring mouthpieces are a relatively new product on the marketplace … my own parents wouldn’t have been able to use anything to control their own snoring.

The problem is that no one product will work for everybody. Everybody’s type of snoring is different, though the resulting noise produced is caused by the same thing. Sometimes a simple jaw adjustment works. Other people only snore with their mouth open, so a chin strap will work. Still other times it’s the tongue blocking the airways that’s the problem.

Or, it could be the more serious problem of sleep apnea. In that case, mouthpieces won’t work at all, and you will have to see your doctor for a CPAP machine.

With so many millions of snorers out there, I’ve created this website to assist you in finding a product that works for you. Fortunately, most products offer a money-back guarantee, so if one device doesn’t work, you can always try another. Talk to your doctor first to see what type of snorer you are, then check here to match the device.

Take care, and have a restful, quiet sleep!